can someone pls put a map of foxotic here


Hello, I knew most of the Foxotic players were prats, a bit like the low, stealing and pathetic creators with no sense of creativity and most definitely lacking a braincell or two.

I will gladly describe what I think is Foxotic's map:

I suppose it'll be exactly like Club Penguin's with a few tweaks here and there to make it more appropriate for Foxotic.

Honestly, you copied their igloos for your stupid muddy dens. Creativity lack much?

Hold on, let me look up Foxotic's map.

Wow, well done for a drop of creativity?

Well, me, I don't like Club Penguin all that much but shaming them on Twitter, really Foxotic. Get lost.

I'd not love your little Foxotic so much, anymore. It's not good.

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