Foxotic is a Online Virtual World coming in the summer of 2013. Foxotic is a game about fox. Help donate to Foxotic to make Foxotic possible  here.

Foxotic has not been launched yet, but Foxotic is having a closed beta to test the game before anyone else.

The only Foxotic blog made by a staff of Foxotic is found here. Foxotic's News is made by the staff member: Pacman, from the Foxotic Team. Foxotic Andy used to own a blog, but it got deleted.

Every foxotic staff member owns a Twitter account.

Here is a list of the Foxotic staff members twitter accounts:

Pacman: @FoxoticPacman

Ben: @FoxoticBen

Andy: @FoxoticAndy

Pink: @FoxoticPink

John: @FoxoticJohn

Kavindra: @FoxoticKavi

Moogl: @FoxoticMoogl

Foxotic: @Foxotic

Lots of Foxotic fans own fan blogs, but here are the most popular fan blogs in Foxotic:

Foxotic's News

Foxotic Fire Expressway

Fantastic Foxotic

Foxotic Mike

Fox Hints