• Minecraft Creeper

    foxotic is gay

    February 26, 2014 by Minecraft Creeper

    we will nuke you and burn you guys and feed your dead bodies to the sharks or tilikum the killer whale and then we will burn your island and then nuke Prehistoric foxotic.

    -Club Penguin Wiki.

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  • Seth4564official


    October 30, 2013 by Seth4564official

    So, i signed up for this, and i even activated it, i try logging in, yet, it doesnt work, Whenever i login it just takes me back to the login page.

    Can someone help? I tried making 2 accounts and it did the same thing :l

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  • Mariocart25Charizard


    October 6, 2013 by Mariocart25Charizard

    I'm planning to adopt this wiki. little of reasons :P

    1. Vandalism. Block them.
    2. Main Page improve
    3. Promote trustworty users
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  • CPPSToria

    Hi. Do you know who is the founder of this wiki? Not to be rude but its kinda getting poor. I can help make this wiki better if I could become admin. I wont mess anything up. I promise :)

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